Blown Cellulose Insulation

Residential and commercial cellulose insulation

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Blown Cellulose Insulation

The thermal performance of loose filled cellulose compares favourably to other types of low cost insulation, but is lower than that of polyurethane foam.

Cellulose is very good at fitting around items in walls like pipes and wiring, leaving few air pockets that can reduce the overall efficiency of the wall. Densely packed cellulose can seal walls from air infiltration while providing the density to limit convection, when installed properly.

Insulation reduces sound travelling through walls and between floor levels. Cellulose provides mass and damping. This reduces noise in 2 ways, it reduces the lateral movement of sheetrock and attenuates the passage of sound along cavities. Cellulose is approximately three times denser than fiberglass, providing a slight improvement in sound reduction.